Bear Grylls visits the Party in the Park

It was an early start for 1400 Beavers and their Leaders on Sunday 12th May. Excitedly, Warrington East District paraded into the arena, waving our flags, with Beaver Scouts from all over Cheshire and watched a very funny magic show whilst waiting for Bear Grylls to arrive.

The helicopter flew in over the top of the building and landed on the field right next to us! Bear leapt out, came over to the arena and talked to us all about his five fundamentals: Family, Friends, Faith, Fun and Following your dreams; then he did a magic trick – awesome! Bear came round to see all the Beavers and even signed flags for some of our Beavers. Meanwhile, Bubbles shook hands with the ACC for Cheshire Beavers.

Bear took off in his helicopter, blowing grass and leaves over us all, and we waved goodbye to him before starting our amazing day of exciting activities.

We had a brilliant day and did loads of fun stuff. Beavers from our colony managed to successfully climb up and down the climbing wall, had a go at indoor “ice” skating and relaxed by playing tennis on the Wii. We munched our lunches, did some craft activities, raced on go-karts and bounced on castles.

Exhausted we returned by coach to Warrington. We had a fantastic day.

Thank you to all the Cheshire leaders for organising such an amazing event.