As part of our balanced programme we aim to cover many of the Cub badges, we will contact you each term to let you know if there is a particular badge we would like you to focus on at home, since some badges (like Musician or Swimmer) cannot be completed during our meetings.

Activity badges

These are the “single subject” badges that are worn on the left arm and some of the names may well bring back memories from your own time as a Cub or Brownie! There are 36 different Activity badges that Cub Scouts can work towards so there’s bound to be one that fits your child’s particular interest. From time to time we work towards one of these badges as a Pack, but Cubs may also do these as individuals.

Staged Activity Badges

Each stage of these turquoise badges is available to all sections, with the highest stage currently achieved being worn on the uniform. There are fourteen staged activity badges – Air Activities, Community Impact, Digital Citizen, Digital Maker, Emergency Aid, Hikes Away, Musician, Nautical Skills, Navigator, Nights Away, Paddle Sports, Sailing, Swimmer and Time On the Water.

You can help your Cub to get the Musician and Swimmer staged awards, in particular. Take a look at this link for more details,

Challenge Badges

There are seven Challenge badges available to Cub Scouts – Our Outdoor, Our Adventure, Our World, Our Skills, Personal, Team Leader and Teamwork. These badges take a bit longer to earn and most of the work for them will be done as part of Pack meetings but there will be times when involvement at home is necessary. If your child has something to carry out at home then please encourage them and help them to do it – but don’t do it for them! The emphasis is very much on each Cub taking part to the best of their ability – there are no “absolute standards” that have to be reached.

It is worth pointing out, however, that a Cub will not be able to gain the Our Outdoor Challenge badge unless they have spent at least three nights away with the Cub Pack. We also expect all our Cubs to participate in at least one parade during their 2 1/2 years in Cubs. Parades are part of the Our World Challenge Badge. Our group joins in with at least 4 parades each year, so there is no excuse for not joining us on at least one occasion.

Chief Scout’s Silver Award

This is the highest badge that a Cub Scout can earn. It is awarded on completion of the all seven Challenge Badges.