Cub Term Plan

Our leaders are all taking a well-deserved break over the summer holidays, but we still have Badges At Home, so you can continue trying lots of different badges. 

This summer, there will be a variety of activities for you to try at home, so you can keep on scouting through the holidays. All the planned meetings and suggested activities will appear on your Parent Portal in a term called “Summer holidays“; you can access the programme and resources through Programmes At Home at a time that suits you.

Raksha and Rama are now preparing for face-to-face meetings in autumn. Baloo and Shere Khan will be moving away from Cubs, but we’re sure you will see them again as they have not left our group. In autumn, we will be welcoming in a new leader – perhaps you could all look for a suitable “Jungle Book” name for them.  

We have loved seeing you at online meetings over the past few months and hope it won’t be too long before we can all camp together as a group. Have a fantastic summer.

Malak and Bubbles 😊