Anna Minde – Norway 2013

Thursday 22nd

Hi from the Scurvy Crew!  All jolly jack tars are settling into their pizza tea after a very difficult journey.  We encountered doldrums in troubled waters of ye oldie London train delays and then a body on the track stopped the underground.  Made it to t’plane by running all t’way through airport…  Now aboard the Anna Minde and preparing to set sail for Bermuda Triangle in morning.  Captain Barbossa


Friday 23rd

Well shiver m’timbers & splice t’main sail, we be washed ashore at world’s end, Liam overboard (again!!!) & trying hard to improve his rowing with an oar – next time he might remember to take a boat though… Weather incredible, gentle seas, blue skies & lots of sun.  Camp all set & next – food & free time.  Some of scurvy crew out sea fishing from the power boat by torchlight now.  Bet you feel sorry for us?  Plan B in operation now as paperwork problem with authorities mean Anna Minde is now restricted use 🙁   Being proper pirates we had to capture another old wooden sail boat for sail training and use Anna Minde for everything else.  Don’t think scouts have noticed yet.  Tomorrow sailing & navigation.  Captain Barbossa


Saturday 24th

Avast ye landlubbing scrum!  Us hardy pirates been working all day scrubbing decks, pumping bilges and looking after the Captain’s every command.  We be sailing, we be learning t’row and drive power boats.  We be navigating over island to find sweeties.  We be learning rope splicing, fishing and loads more!  Ed caught, gutted, cooked and ate his own mackerel, Liam & Jack be diving with masks and flippers, Olly was unbeatable at new log balance game.  Siân & Kate won t’most fish caught prize.  Traded use of our saucepans with local divers who caught loads of large crabs for us, eat them tomorrow!  Sun & sea kind to us but light winds all day, maybe better in morning.  Keel hauling & plank walking overdue!  Captain Barbossa


Sunday 25th

Ahoy m’hearties!  Dragged them lazy crew out of their pits early this morning for exercises and swim again.  Then breakfast before talk by ornithology team catching and tagging birds on t’island.  Learnt how & why they do it & held the birds before release.  Next was breaking camp, making sures we’z not be tracked, hide all trace of piracy, captured treasure & Liam’s smelly kit!  Crossed sound to fortress island with Anna Minde’s  captain to hear all sorts of tales from bygone years.  More swimming still didn’t get rid of smell so after lunch we abandoned island in sail boats and speed boats in attempt to avoid customs raid.  Just made it and have now hidden ourselves in back in Fredrikstad.  Scout families are taking big risk harbouring us known criminals.  But first Jack & Liam were last men standing…  Well more like kneeling…  They had to help clear and scrub the ship after all others had vanished.  T’was good job done & rewarded by spending evening learning to use throwing axes & eating pizzas.  Being too kind to them so off the old town in morning to use the oldie stocks and visit  ye oldie bakery.  Captain Barbossa


Monday 26th

Ahoy ye landlubbing scrum, being pirates means we’s not be kept on land for long!  Managed to hijack a ferry this morning to t’oldie town and use GPS and radios to locate 8 parts of a geocache clue.  Took a lunch break in bakery where we were recognised and welcomed back again.  Found the final geocache and left a message from 4th Lymm!  Time for shopping and relaxing before returning to Beate’s for drinks, crisps and film editing.  Liam & Jack bartered a ride to the scout hut in an old red convertible Beetle.  Kate & Siân walked back to their hospitality family just using GPS and Olly & Ed returned to their place (7* hotel they say!!!) for their tea.  Met up again later for a great joint meeting of all scouts & cubs for tea & cakes plus photos and video of the expedition.  Just the packing to do now – need sealed bags to stop smell drifting in the wind!  Think you may smell us tomorrow before you see us….

Captain Barbossa


Tuesday 27th

Well sadly the trip is nearly over, scurvy crew causing havoc here in airport. Twas early start this morning, saying goodbye to their new friends, plenty of hugs – and then a few more. All sad to leave, they want Norwegian citizenship & a Ryanair account for Christmas. It be a great expedition & adventure, worn them out with sailing, diving, crabbing, camping, climbing, fishing, driving powerboats, navigating, morning exercises, swimming, pizza restaurant, rigging the ship, rowing, geocaching, cliff-jumping, ornithology, night tour of island with stories, visit to old town, axe throwing, fish gutting, ferry trips, campfire, rope splicing and chief of all – making new friends 🙂 Captain Barbossa.