(Tuesdays at 7.30 – 9.00 pm)

At 4th Lymm Scouts we will try anything – especially if it means we can get wet and muddy while out and about camping, cycling and hiking – sometimes we manage all of this in one go! Other times we try something unusual, like Tai Chi in the basement of a Chinese restaurant or finding out about Lymm’s connection with Jack the Ripper or making our own films. Scouts are young, energetic and very noisy, always wide-eyed and ready to go whilst the Leaders and helpers are worn-out, limping to keep up and wear ear protection most of the time…

It’s our aim to ensure all the boys and girls in our scout troop get the most out of life by providing an interesting set of activities that are both fun and help them develop – as individuals and as a team. We do this in a friendly, safe environment aimed at providing the right level of support and guidance for each scout and each activity.

Starting after their tenth birthday the boys and girls join to learn a bit about us and the scout movement before they are invested with their uniform a few weeks later. This gives them a chance to make sure they like the “action” at scouts. From then on they will be part of a very busy troop, always doing stuff. Have a look at our program page to see what we mean. The troop is organised into groups called Patrols, led by a Patrol Leader who is one of the Scouts. Right through till they move up to Explorers at about 14 years they will enjoy taking part in the Tuesday night meetings, camps, hikes, backwood cooking, learning to navigate, canoeing, climbing, technology nights, community projects – many more things than we can list but most of all they will enjoy being with their friends.

Our programme is carefully planned according to the brand of adventure philosophy that scouting promotes in order to provide a wide range of activities and experiences.

Every Scout participates in everyday adventures over a period of time. This provides all young people with the opportunity to learn a variety of invaluable life skills. A new refreshed youth programme was launched in Spring 2015 and focuses upon outdoors, adventure, teamwork and leadership.

If you would like any further information regarding our Scout troop please use our Contact us page.