Beaver Term Plan

This term we are focusing on two Challenge Badges: My Skills and Personal. The older Beavers will complete the My Skills Challenge this term, and all the Beavers will have the opportunity to complete their Personal Challenge Badge. Beaver Scouts need both of these Challenge Badges to complete their Baden-Powell Bronze Award – the highest award a Beaver Scout can attain.

For the Personal Challenge, there are two elements.

  • The first is set by the leaders and we are asking all the Beavers to learn to roll their neckers neatly and wear their necker and woggle to all the meetings.
  • The second needs to be chosen by each individual and approved by the leaders. We have suggested challenges that will help to give them Skills for Life. For example: learn to tie their own shoelaces; brush their own teeth every morning and evening for at least two minutes . . . without being reminded; keep their own bedroom tidy for at least two weeks. We need parents to support this and let us know by e-mail when their child has completed this element of their personal challenge

We have lots planned for this term: meeting some new people, learning lots and having fun whilst trying to do our Creative Badge, Experiment Badge and joining in at meetings.

If you would like to try some badges independently of the colony, then we suggest trying: your Collector Activity Badge, Photographer Activity Badge or Digital Maker 1 Staged Activity Badge. If you are looking for a more physical challenge, then you could go on a hike for a couple of hours with your family and gain your Hikes Staged Activity Badge 1. You will need to bring evidence of any badges that you complete for the leaders to check. Then some patience whilst we order and collect badges for you from the scout shop.

There are lots of activities planned: acting, singing, model making and drawing to help everyone to earn their Creative Activity Badge and the Musician 1 Staged Activity Badge.

We’ll welcome in some new starters and start back after half-term with a BANG! when we do our Experiment Activity Badge.

We have a parade service on Mother’s Day – you need to join in with an act of worship as a Beaver Scout to complete the My World Challenge Badge.

Please remember to come along and help when it is your turn on the parent rota.