Chamboree 2014 – Cheshire’s International Scout Camp

Chamboree 2014 started on 1st August and finished on the 9th August. That’s eight days of super fun scouting. Within these eight days Cubs, Beavers, Scouts and Explorers visited the site unaware of the fantastic activities prepared for them.
There were many amazing zones to rotate through each day.
These zones were called:
Adventure (a full day at Tatton Park);
City (a full day in Liverpool);
The remaining zones were a half day each and were called:
Global zone (learning about the world);
Blast zone (improving your aim);
Creative zone (getting creative and making souvenirs);
Xperiment zone (experimenting with science);
I.R.I.S. zone (super hero training zone);
Survival zone (can you survive in the wild?).
Each night there was an event such as: film night or the UV disco. This meant that there was never a dull evening.
The highlights for me were I.R.I.S. zone, Survival zone and the UV disco.
The best activity in IRIS was the washing machine – where we all got foamed, but the zorbs were brilliant fun as well. When we were knocked over, we looked ridiculous with our legs flailing in the air, until the zorb referees turned us the right way up again.
Survival was brilliant too. We sheltered from the rain inside a tent whilst we made survival bracelets from paracord. When we emerged, the rain had stopped. Some of us built dens; others made their own tent pegs using saws and knives; some learned how to prepare and cook “wild” food and tasted rabbit and pigeon. All of us played on the giant pioneering carousel.