What do beavers do?

All sorts of things!

We are an active colony so we try to do as many different things as possible.  We do activities inside our regular meeting place, go on day visits, and even have occasional sleepovers!

Beaver Scouts enjoy making friends, playing games, doing crafts, going on visits, exploring the outdoors, creating things and helping others.

We take part in a competition against other Beaver Colonies in a District Challenge (the winners represent Warrington East District in the County Challenge); and join up with the other sections in our group for Group, District and County Camps and for Group and Community Parades.

There is a waiting list, so to avoid disappointment please let us have your details as soon as you decide you would like to join our Scout Group.

The Beaver Scout motto is “Fun and Friends” and this describes the essential ingredients of our programme. The Principles of Beaver Scouting: having fun, making friends, keeping the Promise, sharing and making progress using a variety of activities; underpin all that is done in the Colony.