Kit list

Kit should be brought to camp in a rucksack or holdall.  If you have any problems getting hold of any of this equipment, please let us know – we may have some items we can lend to you.  Please mark your child’s equipment clearly with their name and  our group: 18th Warrington.

Please bear in mind that the cubs will be required to carry their own equipment between the entrance and our designated camp site – up to 10 minutes walk.

Please get your Cub to help pack, so they know where everything is.

All items should be clearly labelled with the Cub’s name.

  Cub Uniform – sweatshirt and necker Must be worn to and from site
  4 pairs of socks, some thick for walking boots
  3 Pairs of underwear
  2 pairs of trousers – not   denim or heavy cotton (scout activity trousers are ideal)
  1 pair of shorts
  Warm pyjamas (long sleeve   top and bottoms, and socks)
  3 t-shirts
  2 fleeces or very warm   jumpers – one for sleeping in
  1 waterproof coat with hood
  1 waterproof trousers
  Strong shoes (or walking   boots)
  Wash kit – toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, flannel, in suitable bag with name on
  Towel (please label)
  Warm Sleeping bag – bedding should be in a waterproof bag
  Pillow – optional
  Warm blanket
  Roll mat – the tents are not large enough for air beds
  Warm hat (you can wear it in bed if you feel cold at night-time)
  Torch (labelled) and spare   batteries
  Sun hat
  Sun cream
  Hankies or tissues
  Two tea towels
  Mess bag with Plate, Bowl, Cup, Knife, Fork, Spoon and teaspoon – all labelled
  Water bottle – labelled
  Cuddly Toy – we like every cub to bring one so that if any cub needs one he doesn’t feel silly
  Book / comic / small card type game – no electronic games /  music players / mobile phones etc.
  Large plastic bags for wet / dirty clothes
  For watersports – trainers that can get wet, a swimming towel, a swimming costume or wetsuit, old clothes that can be worn over swimming costume or wetsuit to keep the children warm, and a bag for wet gear
  • No mobile phones, electronic games, or other gadgets are allowed.
  • It is best to pack a rucksack or soft bag. Suitcases and bin bags are not appropriate. However it is a good idea to use a black bin bag as a “lining” to a rucksack to keep the clothes dry just in case the rucksack gets wet.
  • It will be cold at night. Please send your Cub with an appropriate sleeping bag and blanket to ensure they are warm.
  • Pocket money – maximum £5 – in a labelled purse or wallet.
  • If your child will need medicines during the camp – please speak to the Camp Leader prior to the camp date, who will advise you of the arrangements.
  • All medicines need to be in their original packaging, with caution sheet, inside a clear zip-lock bag. The bag should be labelled with your child’s name, the medication, dosage and frequency. Medicines should be handed to the leader NOT packed inside a bag.

    Note: No responsibility for the personal equipment/clothing and effects can be accepted by the camp organisers and The Scout Association does not provide automatic insurance cover in respect to such items.