Scout Blog

February 8th – Sponsored Cardboard Camp

Our Scouts are amazing, they raised money for the homeless in Warrington by taking part in a sponsored cardboard camp. The Scouts built their own shelters, before having a trip to the chippie, followed by a film in the hall, then retiring to their cardboard “homes” for the night. Most of them managed to sleep out all night long, although a few Scouts sneaked back in to the relative warmth of the hall. The rest fled indoors the next morning when the canopy collapsed and all the rainwater that had pooled on top of it was dumped onto their camp. They soon warmed up by dismantling their camp and enjoyed a bacon buttie before going home.

Oct 6th – Carnedd Llewelyn Hike

Ancient Akela organised some fantastic weather for a hike in North Wales with a small group of Scouts. They all had a brilliant time and learnt some new skills to prepare them for hiking in the hills.

Ian’s fully booked for the next hike on Nov 10th, but there may be a couple of places left for Nov 24th – sign up now if you want the opportunity to walk with Ian before Christmas.

Anna Minde, Norway 2013

Six lucky Scouts had the experience of a lifetime on a trip to Norway. Sailing, rowing, fishing, swimming, cooking on open fires and making lots of new friends

A huge THANK YOU to Simon for coming out of leader retirement to lead the trip

District Camp July 5th-7th

We had fantastic weather, superb food and loads of brilliant activities. Thanks to all our parents who helped to set up camp for us.

Tatton Adventure May 10th -12th

An exciting fun-filled weekend at Tatton including a visit from Chief Scout  Bear Grylls.


It was time for that annual wash, whether they needed it or not!!! The Mutineers and the Jolly Rogers took the plunge to complete as many lengths as possible to help raise funds for Rotary and our group. Thanks to Captain Barbossa for giving up his time on a bank holiday weekend to organise the teams and supervise them.

Family Hike

Some of us got cold, some of us got blisters, some of us nearly got blown away by the wind, we braved two stop off points for the sake of our parents; but we all finished the hike.

Thank you to Ancient Akela for leading us round and teaching us some useful new map skills, and also for showing us where to go to buy delicious hot chocolate.

Please organise a hike again soon