Scout Term Plan

This term we will focus on the new Expedition Challenge Badge, with a trip to the Clogwyn Centre in North Wales. As part of this, there will be some planning meetings and we need to practice our First Aid skills.

To help celebrate Mothers Day, we will spend a meeting planing and then another cooking a meal for all your lucky Mums, so they can have a night off. Remember to invite them to come along. They can bring your Dads, grandparents, brothers and sisters too!

Some weeks we will cook for ourselves – I’m looking forward to the pancake competition! Other weeks we will play games. There may be a scouting twist for some of the meetings – look out for the geocaching around the village ūüôā

A trip to the police station in Stockton Heath is also being planned – hope nobody misbehaves and ends up in the cells.

We are invited to join in a Mothers Day celebration in the Church Hall on Mothers Day. It’s an early service starting at 9am, but we will be given bacon butties :), hot drinks, fruit and fruit juice will also be available. We will parade our flags into the hall and join in the service. This will count towards the Faith element of your World Challenge Badge.¬†We expect all our Scouts to join in with our parades and we¬†may not be able to award you your Challenge Badge if you never participate in a parade. Unfortunately, there is a clash with a District event, Cattaro; don’t worry, if you can’t get to this parade there will be others you can attend instead.

In the summer, there¬†will be¬†a parade for Lymm Rushbearing, this is a traditional ceremony. Last year we joined the parade at Pepper Street Car park, paraded up to St Marys’ Church. Some of the parade went into¬†the church for a short service whilst others followed the Morris Men to the Church Green to visit their ice-cream parlour. The whole group then¬†returned to the village hall to share cups of tea, coffee, juice¬†and biscuits with the rest of the parade group.¬†Everyone needs to join in with at least one parade to complete¬†their World Challenge badge.

Remember we can’t do all the badges at Scouts, as our time is limited at meetings, events and camps, so we sometimes suggest other badges that you can do when you are not at a Scouting activity. If you enjoy an activity outside scouting, then check to see if you can earn a scout badge, e.g. Musician, Equestrian, Angler, Martial Arts, Swimmer, Photographer, etc.