Anna Minde, Norway 2013

Six lucky Scouts had the experience of a lifetime on a trip to Norway. Sailing, rowing, fishing, swimming, cooking on open fires and making lots of new friends

They had an early start to catch the train from Crewe, various delays saw them running through the airport to catch their plane!!!  The English Scouts slept onboard the Anna Minde on Thursday evening before the Norwegian leaders turned up on Friday and claimed their bunks.

On Friday, the Norwegian Scouts arrived and helped to set up camp on the island. It must have taken a long time as that evening they were fishing from the powerboats by torchlight.

Becalmed on the island on Saturday, the team amused themselves with geo-caching, rowing, learning to splice, fishing and driving powerboats.

Sunday saw them meeting the ornithology team, and a few birds, before crossing the sound to the fortress. Then it was time to leave the camp and return for some home hospitality from their new Norwegian friends.

There was just time for a trip round the old town on Monday and joining in with a Norwegian scout meeting before taking their farewells on Tuesday morning.

Someone should explain to Ryanair that they flew past Manchester to get to Dublin – maybe they should provide parachutes and save the four hour wait in Dublin airport.

A huge THANK YOU to Simon for coming out of leader retirement to lead the trip.

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