Knights of Warrington

Our Beaver Scouts enjoyed a night away at Queen Charlotte’s Wood with friends from 27th Warrington Beaver Scout Colony.

The theme was Knights and Dragons, so we watched a film about dragons, made helms & shields, jousted with lances from the back of horses (hobby horses), fired arrows at targets and had lots of fun exploring the campsite with a walk in the dark and then a longer walk in the sunshine the next morning.

Some of the Beavers said they stayed up all night long, but they were very good and didn’t keep the Leaders awake 🙂

Everyone had a great time and the leaders might plan another sleepover for later in the year!

Colditz Reborn 2013

A massive WELL DONE to our Scouts. This was the first time our group has joined in with this District Event, and our Scouts came second.

More importantly they had a brilliant time, learned new skills, demonstrated their fantastic teamwork and leadership skills AND were tired after only 24 hours of activities.

Who would have thought it possible to tire Scouts out so quickly, they were still a little lethargic on Monday – I hope the leaders have all recovered too!!!!

District Swimming Competition

Congratulations to all the cubs from today.
They were all great and tried so hard
They cheered so loud for each other,
but not quite as loud as the parents when we came first!
Thanks Austen for organising our team
Good luck when you represent Warrington East District at the County Swimming Gala on December 1st!!!

Family Water Day

4th Lymm families gathered at Tatton Park Scout Camp for a fabulous day of water activities: kayaking, canoeing, rafting, coracles, katakanus and dinghy sailing; followed by a tremendous BBQ

The weather was kind to us, just enough wind for the dinghies, not too much for the kayaks and rafts and plenty of sunshine.

Anna Minde, Norway 2013

Six lucky Scouts had the experience of a lifetime on a trip to Norway. Sailing, rowing, fishing, swimming, cooking on open fires and making lots of new friends

They had an early start to catch the train from Crewe, various delays saw them running through the airport to catch their plane!!!  The English Scouts slept onboard the Anna Minde on Thursday evening before the Norwegian leaders turned up on Friday and claimed their bunks.

On Friday, the Norwegian Scouts arrived and helped to set up camp on the island. It must have taken a long time as that evening they were fishing from the powerboats by torchlight.

Becalmed on the island on Saturday, the team amused themselves with geo-caching, rowing, learning to splice, fishing and driving powerboats.

Sunday saw them meeting the ornithology team, and a few birds, before crossing the sound to the fortress. Then it was time to leave the camp and return for some home hospitality from their new Norwegian friends.

There was just time for a trip round the old town on Monday and joining in with a Norwegian scout meeting before taking their farewells on Tuesday morning.

Someone should explain to Ryanair that they flew past Manchester to get to Dublin – maybe they should provide parachutes and save the four hour wait in Dublin airport.

A huge THANK YOU to Simon for coming out of leader retirement to lead the trip.

Bear Grylls visits Cheshire Scouting

Nearly 1000 Scouts and 1800 Cubs with over 1000 Leaders at Tatton Park Campsite.
1400 Beavers and Leaders at The Heath in Runcorn
Plus Explorers and Network at Forest Campsite
65% of everyone involved in Cheshire Scouting attended a Bear Grylls event
All the sections from 4th Lymm had the opportunity to attend these events – see our blogs for more details

Family Hike

Well done to the Cubs, Scouts and Beaver (and their parents) who managed to keep up with Ancient Akela (aka Mountain Goat), and thanks to him for leading a fantastic hike and organising the weather.

We enjoyed a great day and it didn’t rain!!!

Some of us got cold, some of us got blisters, some of us nearly got blown away by the wind, we braved two stop off points for the sake of our parents; but we all finished the hike.

Your hike records have been updated and some of you are due badges – Congratulations

Thank you to Ancient Akela for leading us round and teaching us some useful new map skills, and also for showing us where to go to buy delicious hot chocolate.

Please organise a hike again soon


4th Lymm Scouts (NEW HOME)

Welcome to the home of 4th Lymm Scouts (18th Warrington East) a large Scouting Family based in the heart of Lymm village.

With over 100 years collective experience in Scouting, our volunteer leaders have the skills, knowledge and energy to teach our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts a wide range of skills, activities and exercises including: rock climbing, moutaineering, canoeing / kayaking, orienteering, fire building, cooking, first aid, arts and crafts and much much more.

Our Group has a friendship link with 1st Fredrikstad Scouts in Norway, who we often meet up with either through joining them on their camps in Norway or playing host to them in the UK.  This provides a great opportunity for the children to learn about international scouting whilst also having a go at exciting activities like skiing, canoeing the Norweigan Fjords and even extreme camping!

For more info, please have a look around our website to learn about our leaders, our group and the activities we run, or contact us directly if you think 4th Lymm is right for you / your child.